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IL VOLO TOUR NY 10-3-11 

Ethan Bortnick joins pop-opera group IL VOLO to open their shows in NewYork,Miami,Phoenix and Los Angeles.
Ethan signs the famous Elevator at the Beacon Hotel. The night before his show, it was Stings 60th Birthday on the same stage and the same elevator was signed by tons of artists!! Ethan performed on 10/3/2011


Josh Groban and Ethan Bortnick Surprise Matt Damon in an Auction to help kids AT OneXOne 

Josh Groban and Ethan Bortnick surprise Matt Damon. Totally unplanned, Ethan Bortnick watches as Matt Damon is raising money to help kids. Ethan just finished performing at this event and decided to get back on stage to offer something too.. Matt Damon did not know this was happening.. Then, inspired by Ethan, Josh Groban runs from the audience (where he was having dinner) and says that he will open for Ethan.